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Are candles bad for the environment?

Candles are a popular household item. But how, if at all, do they affect the environment?

Can you recycle bubble wrap? YES!

Online shopping has never been so popular – but this leads to more packaging waste, unfortunately. Can you recycle bubble wrap?

Can you recycle pens? Yes and no…

Despite moving towards more paper-less means, we still go through a ridiculous amount of pens. Can you recycle them?

Can you recycle fabric scraps?

Unfortunately, fabric scraps can’t go in with the curbside collection – what are the other options available?

Can you recycle wine corks? (Natural or synthetic)

People often don’t know what to do with wine corks, so they get thrown in the trash by default. But can you recycle them?

Are beer boxes (or other beer packaging) recyclable?

Having a few beers in the backyard is one of life’s simple pleasures. But is the six-pack packaging recyclable?

Can you recycle cereal boxes and the plastic liner?

Cereals are some of the most popular breakfast options. But how does the packaging fare? Can you recycle cereal boxes and the plastic liners?

Can you recycle padded envelopes?

More people are opting for online shopping these days – but this leads to lots of packaging waste. Can you recycle padded envelopes?

Is vinyl flooring recyclable?

Vinyl flooring is durable but it won’t last forever! What are the disposal options – is vinyl flooring recyclable?

Is coconut oil bad for the environment?

Coconut oil is increasing in popularity. How does it far in terms of its environmental impact?