The toybox

Can you recycle crayons? YES!

Crayons are usually made from paraffin wax – not the most eco-friendly option out there, But, can they be recycled?

Is Play Doh biodegradable? Can it be composted?

Will Play Doh end up in landfill for eternity?! Or is it biodegradable and fit for the compost bin?

Are stickers bad for the environment?

Stickers are used everywhere from your apple to kindergarten reward systems! But do they have a negative environmental impact?

Lego alternatives – without the plastic!

Lego is improving in terms of its sustainability. What are the more plastic-free, sustainable options in the meantime?

Are Orbeez bad for the environment?

Orbeez have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Educational AND fun! But are they bad for the environment?

Can you recycle playing cards? It depends…

You may have wondered how to dispose of an old, dog-eared deck of cards. Can you recycle playing cards – or are they destined for landfill?

Is Lego bad for the environment?

Lego has come under scrutiny due to their heavy use of plastic. But is Lego bad for the environment?

What to do with unwanted Lego – 3 great ideas!

With a little effort you can give your Lego a new home. Here we look at some of the best options when deciding what to do with unwanted Lego.  

Is slime bad for the environment? (Plus bonus eco-friendly slime recipe!)

Standard slime – whether shop-bought or DIY – is a big environmental no-no. The ingredients used can take hundreds of years to biodegrade – if ever.