In the garden

Can you compost wine corks (natural or synthetic)?

We often throw wine corks in the trash without thinking. How else can we dispose of them? Can you compost wine corks?

Is newspaper biodegradable? Can it be composted?

Despite falling sales, newspapers lead to an enormous amount of waste. Are they biodegradable and fit for composting?

Can you compost moldy food? Veg, yes. Meat, no!

Despite our best efforts, everyone at some point will fail to use up groceries before they go moldy. Can these be added to the compost bin?

Are paper bags biodegradable? Can they be composted?

Paper bags are becoming more common in retail. Will they stick around forever – or are they biodegradable?

Are toilet paper rolls biodegradable? Can they be composted?! You bet!

Diverting items from landfill is vital. As well as being recyclable, are toilet rolls biodegradable and suitable for the composting?

Are banana peels biodegradable? Can they be composted?

Although we can eat banana peels, very few people do! Can they be added to the home compost?

Can you compost bones? Yes, with one additional step!

Composting isn’t as easy as it sounds, not every item is suitable. What about animal bones?

Is Play Doh biodegradable? Can it be composted?

Will Play Doh end up in landfill for eternity?! Or is it biodegradable and fit for the compost bin?

Can you compost whole eggs? Yes, with caution!

We eat ALOT of eggs, leading to egg-related waste. Can they be popped in the home compost bin whole?

Can you compost fish? Yes – with caution!

Composting diverts food waste from landfill. But, unfortunately, not all food can be composted. What about fish scraps?