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Can you recycle packing peanuts? Its complicated!

The packaging industry has come under scrutiny in terms of environmental impact. How do packing peanuts fare in terms of recyclability?

Can you recycle paper bags? Yes – but conditions apply!

Paper bags often seem a more eco-friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts. But can you recycle them?

Can you recycle tin/aluminum foil? Yes, but rules apply!

Tin/aluminum foil often gets thrown in the trash. Is recycling it a possibility or is destined for landfill?

Why can’t you recycle pizza boxes? Myth busted: you can!

There are mixed messages regarding the recycling of pizza boxes – here we tell you all you need to know!

Can you compost yogurt? We advise against it – but there is an alternative!

As a nation, we create mountains of food waste! Unfortunately, some items are not suitable for home composting – can you compost yogurt?

Can you compost cheese? Standard, no. Bokashi, yes!

Most households create a LOT of food waste! However, some items are not suitable for home composting – can you compost cheese?

Why are plastic cups bad for the environment?

Plastic cups are a staple for the festivals and parties across the globe. But why are they bad for the environment?

Can you compost meat? Yes, with one major caveat!

Composting is a great way to divert food waste from landfill. Can you compost meat? It depends what method you use!

Is soy wax biodegradable? Can it be composted?

Soy wax is an increasingly popular paraffin wax alternative. But is it biodegradable and fot for composting?

Is beeswax biodegradable? Can it be composted?

The beeswax market is growing. But how does it rate when it comes to eco-friendly disposal? Is beeswax biodegradable?