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Is it time to fast from ‘fast fashion’?

Fast fashion isn’t a new concept but the spotlight is firmly on the industry due to the emergence of new players. Is it time to ditch it?

Is Styrofoam recyclable? Technically, yes…

Styrofoam is used in vast quantities in many industries. But, at the end of its usable life, is Styrofoam recyclable?

Are Orbeez bad for the environment?

Orbeez have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Educational AND fun! But are they bad for the environment?

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Is floss biodegradable? Can it be composted?

Dental floss is a common part of a healthy oral care routine. But is floss biodegradable?

Are candles bad for the environment?

Candles are a popular household item. But how, if at all, do they affect the environment?

Can you compost wine corks (natural or synthetic)?

We often throw wine corks in the trash without thinking. How else can we dispose of them? Can you compost wine corks?

Can you recycle crayons? YES!

Crayons are usually made from paraffin wax – not the most eco-friendly option out there, But, can they be recycled?

Can you recycle bubble wrap? YES!

Online shopping has never been so popular – but this leads to more packaging waste, unfortunately. Can you recycle bubble wrap?

Can you recycle pens? Yes and no…

Despite moving towards more paper-less means, we still go through a ridiculous amount of pens. Can you recycle them?