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Can you compost receipts? Or can they be recycled?

Paper can be composted, but are retail receipts compostable? Studies show they potentially could be – but proceed with caution.

Can you compost cotton?

Although, 100% cotton can be composted, all cotton products are not made of pure cotton – many are blended with synthetic materials. Are they fit for composting?

Does a compost bin need a bottom? And other composting FAQs!

Composting is not as simple as popping your leftovers in a bin and hoping for the best! Here we will answer some common questions.

Can you compost cereal boxes or stale cereal?

If the box is soiled and can’t be recycled or if you just want to add some bulk to help your compost pile, cereal boxes work really well.

Can you compost dog hair and other pet-related items?

Reduce your pets carbon pawprint by composting these common pet-related items.

Is Babybel wax compostable?

For the green fingered cheese lovers out there, is composting a suitable way to dispose of your leftover red wax cases? Lets find out…

Composting toilet worms FAQs!

Can composting worms escape or wriggle up to the toilet seat?! Here we answer some of the most common composting worm questions.

Can you pee in a composting toilet?! And other FAQs!

Yes! But what about vomit, toilet paper or sanitary products? Here we will answer some of the most common compost toilet questions.

How to dispose of shredded paper! From compost to cat litter…

From garden mulch to bulking up your cats’ litter – there are lots of different ways that you can stop shredded paper going to landfill.

Advantages of biopesticides over chemical pesticides

It is difficult to ignore the benefits of biopesticides – more economical, more eco-friendly and more convenient!