In the garden

Is hair biodegradable? Can it be composted? You bet!

High in protein, and renewable it seems like a good candidate to be reused in the garden. But is hair biodegradable and can it be composted?

Is bamboo biodegradable? Can it be composted? You bet!

Bamboo is highly sustainable. But after use will it persist in landfill forever or is it biodegradable and suitable for composting?

Is cork biodegradable? Can it be composted? Yes!

In terms of its production, cork is sustainable – but what about after use? Will it sit in the landfill for centuries or is it biodegradable?

Benefits of drying clothes in the sun (or outside, at least…)

Drying your clothes in the sun not only makes them smell amazing but you are helping the planet too! Here’s why.

Watering compost – the lowdown on compost moisture levels!

Moisture is one of the most important parts of a healthy, well-functioning compost pile. Get the lowdown on watering compost here.

Urine compost accelerator – really?!

Urine makes a wonderful addition to the compost pile. It is not referred to as ‘liquid gold’ for nothing! Find out more here

Does human urine repel animals?

Finding a natural way to repel animals is the best option.  Avoiding synthetic chemicals is ecofriendly and generally cheaper. It’s a win-win.

Can you compost snotty, used tissues?

With snotty tissues commonplace in winter, what is the most ecofriendly way to dispose of them? Here we investigate.

Are crab shells compostable?

Crab shells, as well as other shellfish shells, can be a great addition to any compost pile. Find out more here!

Tiger worm toilets – all you need to know!

If worms and water are available tiger worm toilets are eco-friendly, inexpensive and less smelly compared to other sanitation solutions.