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Is Lululemon sustainable? An unbiased view…

Lululemon is popular as ever. But how do they fare in terms of their ‘green’ credentials – are Lululemon sustainable?

Are disposable gloves recyclable?

The disposable gloves market is growing. But will they all eventually end up in landfill or are disposable gloves recyclable?

What is a green burial and why should I choose one?

As more people opt to live a eco-friendly lifestyle, it makes sense they would opt for ‘green’ death-care. But, what is a green burial?

Can you recycle aerosol cans? Yes, on one condition…

Globally we use over 25 billion disposable aerosol cans every single year. Are these destined for landfill or can they be recycled?

Bird watching therapy – do birds help with depression?

Bird watching will ground you in the moment and provide a sense of calm in a hectic world. Here we look at some bird watching benefits.

Is hair biodegradable? Can it be composted? You bet!

High in protein, and renewable it seems like a good candidate to be reused in the garden. But is hair biodegradable and can it be composted?

Can you compost snotty, used tissues?

With snotty tissues commonplace in winter, what is the most ecofriendly way to dispose of them? Here we investigate.

Buying a house near a landfill site – is it worth it?!

The smell is not the only negative thing about living near a landfill site. Your lungs, mood and property value may be affected too.

Is hair dye bad for the environment?

The main component of conventional hair dye can contribute to negative effects on the environment – particularly aquatic species. Here we take a closer look.

Bamboo toothbrush benefits – great reasons to make the switch!

Here we will look at some reasons why bamboo toothbrushes are good – for the environment, for your health and for the look of your bathroom!