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What to do with unwanted drinking glasses – 3 great ideas!

Unwanted drinking glasses cannot be recycled. Keep them out landfill a bit longer with these simple ideas.

Can you compost dog hair and other pet-related items?

Reduce your pets carbon pawprint by composting these common pet-related items.

Is Babybel wax compostable?

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Bamboo toothbrush benefits – great reasons to make the switch!

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Can you pee in a composting toilet?! And other FAQs!

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Why buy local produce? Health, economic and environmental benefits

Fresher, tastier food and increased reinvestment back into your community, there really are many reasons to buy local produce!

Examples of sustainable food

Sustainable foods are those that limit the environmental impact. How far does it travel? What resources were used in production?

How to dispose of shredded paper! From compost to cat litter…

From garden mulch to bulking up your cats’ litter – there are lots of different ways that you can stop shredded paper going to landfill.

Can you recycle mail envelopes – and other types of mail?

Here we will look at the main types of mail envelopes, and other packaging, and whether they can be recycled or not. Local variations apply!

Materials that do not decay (or take a looong time!)

Here we take a look at the lengths of time that some typical trash can material will persist. Be prepared to be shocked!