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Buying a house near a landfill site – is it worth it?!

The smell is not the only negative thing about living near a landfill site. Your lungs, mood and property value may be affected too.

Is hair dye bad for the environment?

The main component of conventional hair dye can contribute to negative effects on the environment – particularly aquatic species. Here we take a closer look.

Are crab shells compostable?

Crab shells, as well as other shellfish shells, can be a great addition to any compost pile. Find out more here!

Tiger worm toilets – all you need to know!

If worms and water are available tiger worm toilets are eco-friendly, inexpensive and less smelly compared to other sanitation solutions.

Is cotton environmentally friendly?

Despite being biodegradable, cotton is one of the least eco-friendly fabrics out there due to its heavy use of resources and chemicals used. Let’s have a closer look…

Does a compost bin need a bottom? And other composting FAQs!

Composting is not as simple as popping your leftovers in a bin and hoping for the best! Here we will answer some common questions.

Drying without dryer sheets – the best alternatives!

Dryer sheet are destined for years in landfill. Using alternatives can help the environment but also save you money. Here are some options…

Are dryer sheets bad for the environment?

The polyester material that most dryer sheets are made from can’t be composted and can’t be recycled, making them destined for landfill. Do they have any other environmental flaws?

Are dishwashers bad for the environment?

Are dishwashers as bad for the environment as we are led to believe? Here we see if they deserve their bad rep…

Can you compost cereal boxes or stale cereal?

If the box is soiled and can’t be recycled or if you just want to add some bulk to help your compost pile, cereal boxes work really well.